Some ideas from others

The government, along with walking and cycling advocacy groups, are recommending measures such as:

  •  using 'wand' type barriers to widen footpaths for social distancing and to incorporate space for queuing and café seating.

  • reducing speed limits: 15mph limits are adequate for much of Tetbury. 15mph can more clearly distinguished on signage than 20mph (which looks too much like 30mph) 

  • reducing road width to eliminate opportunity for vehicles to ‘squeeze’ past cyclists.

  • Introducing/increasing cycle refuges at junctions.

  • using street furniture, such as planters, to create 'slow streets' that slow and discourage motor vehicles, thus enable pedestrians to more safely share the road.

  • using Traffic Management Orders to limit vehicular access to school roads at pick-up and drop-off times ('School Streets').

Measures to improve safety for pedestrians should not reduce safety for cyclists.