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A Vision for Tetbury

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

In March 2023 Greening Tetbury met for a day to share how we’d like Tetbury to look in 10 years time, a better, more sustainable town to live in. The Vision for Tetbury represents what we came up with.

Nature and Bio-diversity and Working Together

Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust recently completed its Wild Towns project in Tetbury, and made recommendations for ongoing work, to increase support for Nature and Bio-diversity in and around the town. They suggested the Town Council, Feoffees and Greening Tetbury take it on and this is happening.

In the short term GT will be focusing its efforts in this area. We’ve already made a start, working with the Town Council, Feoffees and local landowners to identify suitable areas and actions and you’ll see pockets of wild flowers, hedges and tree plantations spring up from next year.

Pockets are good but we also need wildlife corridors to allow our native species to find food and shelter and adapt to climate change so we hope you will also take up the call to make your gardens more wildlife friendly.

Working Together is the key to getting things done. Working with nature is good for your Human Wellbeing so why not join our teams to spend time in nature. We're looking for people to help establish, tend and monitor areas for wildlife in Tetbury. If you're able to spare any time, please contact us....

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