A Better Tetbury for Pedestrians and Cyclists

What can you tell us about...

  • The routes you and your family use to make journeys in and around Tetbury.

  • Places where footpaths are too narrow to allow 2 metre social distancing.

  • Places where traffic makes it unsafe for cycling, walking or crossing.

  • Your experiences as a pedestrian or cyclist.

  • Any ideas you have on how improvements could be made.

  • Your vision for how our streets should be used.

Share your views for safer, healthier streets now

Here's how and where you can share your views with us and others.

  1. Post your comments on facebook by clicking here.

  2. Or post on the forum on this website here

  3. Mark unsafe areas and ‘agree’ with other suggestions on the map here 

  4. Spread the word! Share on Facebook, urge your friends and family to comment. 



Why is this important now?

The government has asked local authorities to make changes to roads and pavements so that people are able to walk and cycle safely and observe 2 metre social distancing regulations. 

They want to make sure that people can get to work, school, shops and services safely, without having to use their cars. They have noted that many more people have been using roads for walking, cycling and jogging during lockdown and they want to ensure that this continues as restrictions are relaxed and streets get busier. They have issued guidance on how this can be achieved and have allocated funding nationally of £250 million for initial temporary measures and £2 billion for further, permanent improvements.

The guidance stresses that temporary measures need to be taken quickly and that they should, wherever possible, pave the way to permanent changes. The Transport Secretary has described it as

“A once in a generation opportunity to deliver a lasting transformative change in how we make short journeys in our towns and cities.”

Grant Shapps

Our Cotswold District Councillors are working hard to draw up with a workable, ambitious plan for Tetbury.


Input from residents is vital. 


Public support could be crucial in securing funding from Cotswold District Council.

Thank you for your support. With your help, we are working hard to make your streets safer and healthier.


Greening Tetbury

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