Single Use Plastic: How to use less

Here are some ideas of what you can use around the house instead of plastic...


Plastic alternatives in the kitchen

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Plastic alternatives in the bathroom

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Plastic alternatives in the kitchen

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We advocate supporting local businesses and so it would be worth checking what products our local shops stock before buying online.  


Some local shops include:


  • The Grocer on Church Street, Tetbury

  • Lola & Co., Tetbury 

  • Treacle George, Tetbury

  • Domestic Science, Tetbury and Nailsworth

  • The Wild Food Company, Malmesbury

  • Loose, Stroud


Alternatively, these products can be found on some online stores, such as those linked below:


Kitchen product alternatives:

Organic cotton beeswax wraps:  


Stainless steel food containers: 


Compostable sponges: 


Linen products: 


Bathroom product alternatives

Reusable skincare pads:


Shampoo bars and other hair and body products:


Bamboo toothbrushes:


Sustainable, natural deodorant:


Cleaning product alternatives:

Reusable E-Cloths:


Biodegradable packaging for laundry and general cleaning products:


Soap bars:

For dishwashing-

For removing clothes stains-


Surface spray tablets:

Surfers Against Seweage Update

Mary Dignan resigned from the role of lead for ‘plastic free community’ with Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) during the 2020 lockdown. The reason was it was too difficult to continue to try to achieve this ambitious aim during the pandemic when plastic was mounting everywhere.

The problem of single use plastic polluting our world is escalating but slowly people and businesses are trying to address the problem e.g. suppliers using alternative packaging; innovators coming up with amazing ideas for compostable materials or ways to reuse plastic; some people remembering to bring their own bags and refusing to buy single use packaged vegetables and fruit etc.


As the Covid pandemic figures improve in the UK, MAYBE we can return to addressing the problem of single use plastic?

We are encouraging litter picking and joining with Tetbury Town Council in the Keep Britain Tidy initiative.

We are encouraging all businesses, groups, schools, library, the Goods shed to get behind out ‘Paint the Town Green’ initiative in June to declare what they are doing or plan to do to address the whole problem of climate change. 


We hope to return to SAS and yet again aim to achieve plastic free community (single-use) status.

We need to reinstate carrying our own water bottle. We need to encourage the return to the use, of the ‘keep cup’.

We need to reinvigorate the demand to our supermarkets to reduce the single-use plastic packaging AND eliminate plastic carrier bags.



RECYCLE is the last thing to do after the first four! Try it, if you enjoy a challenge.

Tell us here how you get on, we would love to learn from you and share your ideas.