In Tetbury, we have a big ambition… we wish to become a Plastic Free Community

BUT ….going plastic free is not easy   


HOWEVER…reducing your plastic use is!

Key messages:      REFUSE. REFILL. REUSE. RECYCLE.


Mary Dignan has signed up as the Community Leader with Surfers Against Sewage


There are 5 objectives within the SAS Toolkit, which is our working document towards gaining the Plastic Free Community Certificate.

  1. Involve the Council – they need to lead by example and encourage action

  2. Involve Local Businesses  - to reduce single use plastic items and support the community

  3. Widespread community engagement – spread the plastic free message far and wide - involve community groups in the fight against single use plastic

  4. Plastic Free Rallies – what about a ‘community pick’ ? Other ideas welcome!

  5. Steering Group with key stakeholders – to monitor progress towards our goal –Plastic Free Community Status.


The messages we read every day regarding Climate Change are alarming. The condition of our planet is distressing us ….by taking positive action we can make a difference, we can turn our distress into HOPE.

Every journey starts with one step


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