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Greening Tetbury is actively seeking membership. 


It is actually a requirement by the Charity Commission for Greening Tetbury (Registration no. 1189693) to have a register of listed members, but apart from this administrative regulation there are several reasons why it is advantageous for the organisation to have an active membership. 


Firstly, members will have the right to vote at meetings and will therefore have an influence on decision-making within the charity. 


Furthermore, by having a significant number of people registered with the charity as members, Greening

Tetbury is more likely to be able to influence positive environmental changes locally. 


Membership is also a means of raising some money for the charity. As one would expect, there are significant administrative overheads in running a charity and a membership fee can help to offset these. For example, the website alone costs £140. It needs to be emphasised, however, that membership of Greening Tetbury is entirely free and there is no obligation to pay a fee. Nevertheless, if people wish to make a one-off or annual donation as a member, then £5 is a suggested amount (any higher amounts are, of course, also gratefully received!). 


In order to apply, all that is required is to email the charity at, expressing a wish to become a member. The confirmation email from Greening Tetbury will include bank details of the charity. 


Finally, I would also encourage you to look at the website By registering with giveasyoulive and nominating Greening Tetbury as your chosen charity, you will raise funds for us every time you purchase a product from a retailer that is also registered with the site (at no additional cost to yourself). 

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