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Are you interested in becoming a Trustee?

Dear All,

The AGM for Greening Tetbury (GT) is on 9th June. With this in mind, we are inviting people to put themselves forward to become a Trustee. If you do apply then you would need to become a member of the charity if you are not already.

There are good reasons for this request. There should be a good skill mix amongst the Trustees and we particularly need someone with accountancy skills and we would also value a person who has good skills in regard to the use of social media.

Furthermore, the constitution of GT stipulates that there be a minimum of three and a maximum of eight Trustees. As you know, we only have three Trustees at present (myself, Ben Jackson and Rosemary Bailey) and if one of us was to resign (there are no current indications of this happening, though) then no decisions could be made by the Board of Trustees until the number was restored to three. Thus, by having at least four Trustees, this would act as a ‘safety-net’ (five would be even better, should there ever be a split vote).

If anyone would like to put themselves forward, we can give further details about the role and responsibilities of a Trustee. Please could you express your interest at the following email address:

A vote will then be taken at the AGM for election of the candidate to the Board of Trustees.

Kind regards,

Rosemary Bailey, Fergus Dignan, Ben Jackson. Trustees Greening Tetbury

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