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Greening Tetbury Newsletter - February 2023

Wishing all you a very hopeful and kind 2023!

The Biggest gift you can give is to be

absolutely present, and when you’re

worrying about whether you’re hopeful

or hopeless or pessimistic or optimistic,

who cares? The main thing is that you’re

showing up, that you’re here and that you’re

finding even more capacity to love this

world because it will not be healed without

that. That is what is going to unleash

our intelligence and our ingenuity and our

solidarity for the healing of our world.

Environmental Activist; Teacher: Joanna Macy

I have sought out Joanna Macy’s teachings and found her very wise. She encourages us to ‘speak up on behalf of life’. We need to turn from being passengers and wake up to

belonging to the earth. She says ‘anguish is necessary’ and at every evolutionary point there is disintegration and rebuilding and ‘we have to get through it’.

There is anguish because of a loss of our previous identity and code and the need to change to get through it. So what can we do to make us hopeful that we will get through this unravelling of our world?

To start with we need to love the Earth. If we truly love we will want to care for it and be

kind to it. I could recommend a library of reading to you and you must have read so many

suggestions of how to try to reduce your carbon footprint but what are we trying to do?

Is 2023 the year we can ‘turn up’ and address climate change in our lives? In our homes?

Our work places? In our communities? If we just close our eyes and our ears to what is truly happening, it will not go away. We need to be present; we need to be alive and loving and caring and kind to our beautiful earth and to each other.

Upcoming events:

We will have a Clothes Swap in February in collaboration with Kasia from Highgrove

Traditional Crafts. The last one was a great success so we have planned another. Please

watch the GT Facebook page for the date and venue.

The next meeting of Greening Tetbury will be on the 30th of January at 7.30pm in Christ Church, The Chipping, Tetbury. All welcome. If you are not a member please Email to join the meeting:

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