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Ever wondered what happens to your Gloucestershire household recycling and waste

collections? Well, in April 2022, Greening Tetbury had a very informative online meeting

with Andrew Doherty, Cabinet Member at Cotswold District Council for the Environment,

Waste and Recycling.

Here is a summary of what we found out:

Food waste

This is taken to Bishops Cleeve, near Cheltenham, where there is an anaerobic biodigester.. The gas that is generated from this process goes into the national gas grid.

Garden waste

This is transported to a company called Hills in Purton, near Swindon, and is composted.

This is then used as a soil improver for agricultural, civic and residential use.

Recycling of other products (cans, cardboard, glass, paper, plastic)

These items go to a company called Thamesdown Recycling in Cricklade, and after

processing get distributed to other specialist recyclers. Electrical items have a complicated recycling transportation process, starting in Bristol or Smethwick, then taken to Nottingham and finishing in Long Marston, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Residual waste (black bin items)

This goes to the Javelin Park incinerator, which is situated just off junction 12 of the M5. It is an ‘energy from waste’ facility, meaning that it collects the heat from the incineration

process and turns it into electrical energy which is then transported to the national

electricity grid.

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