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Opporunity to borrow a Thermal Imaging Camera

We have kindly been supplied a Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) by Sustainable Sherston.

If you would like to borrow the camera to assess the efficiency of your home's insulation and take action on reducing heat loss during the colder months, please get in touch with us at

Cost of hire is £10 for 48 hours. Instructions on use will be given. Instructions also

available at

Best to use between October and April.

Tips: on the inside of the property look at junctions, corners, cracks, around door

frames. You will see the cold coming in as dark blue and purple. Check bedroom

ceilings upstairs. This may show poor insulation in the loft as evidenced by a blue

colour on the ceiling.

On the outside of the house, a well-insulated one should mostly show up as blue.

Below are an example of the images the camera can produce:

Before loft insulation applied over hatch

After loft insulation applied to hatch

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