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Painting the Town Green

For the month of June 2021 in Tetbury ….

Greening Tetbury invites you to Paint the Town Green. Shops are invited to decorate their windows, all hostelries are invited to decorate in whatever way they feel is appropriate. We hope the Tourist Office and Council, The Goods Shed, Schools, places of worship and the Library will join in the fun.

All groups in the area are invited to be part of this ‘greening’. The message is: ‘We are a Town committed to tackling the problem of Climate Change!'

Can you indicate through your ‘decorations’ how you are making an effort to reduce your Carbon Footprint? How can we achieve Carbon neutral by 2030? Are you caring for wildlife? Are you trying to reduce your use of single-use plastic? LED lights?

St Mary’s school children will judge the displays.

Can we make an effort to save this planet? I hope your answer is YES!!

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