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UK Government help with fuel bills

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

As of the 30th August 2022, here are the financial aids that the UK government is giving to

help people with their fuel bills this coming winter:

  • £650 one-off payment for those on means-tested benefits (Cost of Living Payment)

  • £400 one-off payment to all households, spread over 6 months as a discount to energy bills

  • £300 one-off payment to pensioners (Pensioner Cost of Living Payment)

  • £200 - £300 annual payment (Winter Fuel Payment)

  • £150 council tax rebate for bands A to D

  • £150 one-off payment for people on health and disability benefits (Disability Cost of Living Payment)

  • Household Support Fund: extra financial support for those struggling with food, clothes and utility bills. For further details please follow this link.

  • Citizens Advice. Further advice can be sought at Citizens Advice. They have an Energy Advice Team: Stroud 0808 800 0510, Cotswold 0808 800 0511

  • Winter Fuel Payment Centre 0800 731 0160

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