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UK Government help with fuel bills

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

As of the 30th August 2022, here are the financial aids that the UK government is giving to

help people with their fuel bills this coming winter:

  • £650 one-off payment for those on means-tested benefits (Cost of Living Payment)

  • £400 one-off payment to all households, spread over 6 months as a discount to energy bills

  • £300 one-off payment to pensioners (Pensioner Cost of Living Payment)

  • £200 - £300 annual payment (Winter Fuel Payment)

  • £150 council tax rebate for bands A to D

  • £150 one-off payment for people on health and disability benefits (Disability Cost of Living Payment)

  • Household Support Fund: extra financial support for those struggling with food, clothes and utility bills. For further details please follow this link.

  • Citizens Advice. Further advice can be sought at Citizens Advice. They have an Energy Advice Team: Stroud 0808 800 0510, Cotswold 0808 800 0511

  • Winter Fuel Payment Centre 0800 731 0160

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1 commentaire

Re the cost of living list, this list is not appropriate. The energy companies with their enormous profits would win again as it would be our tax contributions used to provide this funding . This would lead to their even greater profits at our expense instead of that public money being used for our long urgent needs in NHS and all public services. Additionally, there are working people in many industries in need of better wages to keep up with the rise of the cost of living. They need a proper settlement to their disputes in pursuit of this need.

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