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Update on Government Schemes to help improve energy efficiency in the home (as at 23/01/2023)

The Feed-in Tariff for solar panels closed for new applications in March 2019. It

has been replaced by the Smart Export Guarantee, although this scheme is not

supported by all electricity providers. Further information can be found at

Boiler Upgrade Scheme

This scheme has replaced the Renewable Heat incentive one which closed in

March 2022.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme runs from 2022 to 2025 and grants are provided to

switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy appliances.

There are grants for the payment for and installation of:

Air Source Heat Pump £5,000

Ground Source Heat Pump £6,000

Biomass Boiler £5,000

There must be no outstanding recommendations for loft or cavity wall

insulation. Further details for this scheme can be found at

Energy Company Obligation

This scheme is aimed at vulnerable and low income families, including those

households on benefits. Energy companies that are signed up to this

arrangement will provide insulation for those households with very low EPC

(Energy Performance Certificate) ratings. A new version of this scheme is due

to start in April 2023. Further details can be found at

Green Deal Loan

Under this arrangement, home owners who want air source heat pumps, solar

panels, double glazing or insulation don’t pay upfront but repay a loan through

their electricity bills. Further information can be found at

444 202

The Energy Saving Trust is a particularly useful charitable organisation for

accessing information on energy saving measures and can be found at

Fergus Dignan 23.01.2023

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