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Greening Tetbury
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Greening Tetbury is a community based group of people taking action in response to the Climate Crisis.

We know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is knowing what we can do and a little support to do it if and when we need it.

New members very welcome! The next meeting will be on Tuesday 5th December at 19:30pm at St Michael's Church Hall, Tetbury, GL8 8DH.

Greening Tetbury is always on the lookout for new members. We hold meetings approximately every two months, where we plan projects and events. We need volunteers to help with our activities and we would love it if you could help us! Email to join. Further details are available in the drop-down menu under ‘Home’.

Greening Tetbury are engaging with the following sister charities: the Stop Ecocide campaign and the Earth Protector Communities initiative. 

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A Vision for Tetbury

In March 2023 Greening Tetbury met for a day to share how we’d like Tetbury to look in 10 years time, a better, more sustainable town to live in. The Vision for Tetbury represents what we came up with.

In the short term Greening Tetbury will be focusing its efforts in the area of Nature and Biodiversity. 

See the full vision and find out more here.

Upcoming Events

  • Seed Swap
    Seed Swap
    Tetbury, Close Gardens, Tetbury GL8 8DU, UK
    Tetbury, Close Gardens, Tetbury GL8 8DU, UK
Ongoing Projects

Sustainable Journeys

Striving for a better Tetbury for pedestrians and cyclists plus improved public transport. 



Information on green energy suppliers, energy efficient homes and access to funding schemes. 

Grains in Mason Jars

Minimal Plastic

Help and advice about actions you can take to reduce your plastic use and a list of local shops to try.

Organic Vegetables

Local Food

We wish to widen participation in buying healthy, seasonal  and local food . 

Birds on Frozen Grass


The charity is keen to assist in the increase in the biodiversity of the local fauna and flora.

Hands in the Soil


We are always keen to join up with other like-minded organisations.

Tip of the Month
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Contact Greening Tetbury

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