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Greening Tetbury is a community based group of people taking action in response to the Climate Crisis.

We know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is knowing what we can do and a little support to do it if and when we need it.

The group first met in August 2019 and are currently looking at what we can do in the areas of

  • energy use

  • using more food from the local area

  • sustainable journeys

  • minimising our plastic use

  • engaging people in Greening Tetbury

  • and partnering with like-minded organisations



Making A Difference

Stop Ecocide Campaign/Earth Protector Communities Initiative

Climate change is one of the biggest threats that faces humanity today. To tackle this, Greening Tetbury are engaging with the following sister charities: the Stop Ecocide campaign and the Earth Protector Communities initiative. 


The Stop Ecocide campaign, established in 2017 by late UK lawyer Polly Higgins and environmental activist Jojo Mehta, involves the work to make ecocide, defined simply as the mass destruction of ecosystems, a crime under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. 


If you, as an individual, are interested in changing the law to protect our Earth, you can sign the international petition, used to pressure governments to take more serious climate action, here:


The Earth Protector Communities initiative is a movement in which towns, educational institutions and businesses collaborate to protect the environment and endorse the work to criminalise ecocide. Places have the potential to achieve the ‘Earth Protector Town’ status, as successfully exemplified by Stroud, Gloucestershire, by agreeing to meet the following five goals:


  • Produce a strategy and a date to achieve a carbon zero future;


  • Practice the movement from sustainable to regenerative living wherever possible;


  • Protect and enhance eco-systems, habitats and species in and around the town;


  • Pioneer the reduction and elimination of single use plastic;


  • Promote awareness of climate and ecological emergencies.


These goals share similarities with those that are set out in the Cotswold District Council’s (CDC) Climate Emergency Strategy, 2020-2030, identifying where Greening Tetbury and the wider community have the opportunity to take common action with CDC. 


You can learn more about what it takes to become an Earth Protector Town here:


If you support the idea of Tetbury becoming an Earth Protector Town, please could you email us at to say so, giving your name and town/village that you live in. We will collate a list of names as evidence of support for this idea when we submit the proposal to Tetbury Town Council. Your name will be used for no other purpose and if you wish your name to be anonymous please say so. Thank you.

Local food suppliers we know of include:

  • The Grocer on Church Street: Woefuldane Milk and Butter, Adeline Farm Veg. Open every day 9.30-5 and now online here

  • Adeline Farm: veg box delivery service. Ros's Veg stall at the Goods Shed on Saturdays 11-2pm.

  • Close Farm organic vegetables: Veg stand open 24hrs. Pick your own on Saturdays 9-11am. Out of Tetbury on Bath Road towards Doughton. Turn left towards Shipton Moyne (look for the big carrot). Take the 2nd drive on the left. Follow drive to the end.

  • Tetbury community orchard, Herd Lane: Apples and pears in the Autumn. 

  • Men in Sheds, Herd Lane Allotments: selling veg in support of Tetbury Lions. Wednesdays 10-12.

  • Abbey Home Farm Organic Shop - Cirencester

  • Melcourt offer peat free compost and planter


Help and advice about actions you can take to reduce your plastic use.

  • Tetbury Grocers sells many plastic free items and fresh local milk

  • Get your milk delivered from a milkman if you can

  • You can recycle plastic film and pet food pouches at Tetbury Tesco 

Sustainable journeys

Walking: How easy and safe can we make it for people to walk?

Bicycles and scooters: How easy and safe can we make it for people to use bicycles and scooters?

Cars: What options are there for reducing the impact of my car use?


Public transport: What can we do to improve and increase the use of public transport?


We are aware of the following suppliers of green electricity:


If you know of others please let us know so we can add them


Upcoming Events

Greening Tetbury Gathering - Online
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Acting locally to make a global change.

“Nature doesn't need people. People need nature”

Harrison Ford

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