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What’s happening in the British Farming World?

Agriculture Development Bank

a new bank, part funded by government part private investors, with low interest loans to help farmers transition to a sustainable model and pay for fencing, livestock changes, agri-forestry projects and diversification into environmentally friendly enterprises.


Environmental Land Management Schemes are being piloted by the UK government in 2021 to support Sustainable Farming Incentives; Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery with benefits such as habitat creation and biodiversity, carbon capture , flood protection and clean air and water.

Farmer’s Weekly 5th March and BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today 31st March featured West Sussex farmer Mark Chandler who is adapting to the changing conditions by moving from cultivation based systems, which post Brexit are no longer financially viable, to sustainable farming methods using cover crops between harvesting and sowing to encourage worms and root systems that replace ploughing and fertilisers. The landscape of his farm will change with some areas identified as low yielding given up to wildlife and productive areas environmentally enhanced with strips of wild flowers in the tram lines to create a habitat for pollinators and beneficial insects that predate on aphids and wild bird cover in the corners.

At the recent NFU conference, Environment Minister George Eustace predicted a wide uptake of the ELM Scheme leading to more sustainable farming even in productive lowland areas.

Marks and Spencer will introduce over 30 million bees to its suppliers' farms in a bid to boost pollinator numbers and improve product quality.

Anne Cox

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